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How To Successfully Exceed Sales Targets

Would you like to learn how professional salespeople exceed their sales targets easily? Learn the techniques to becoming successful with sales targets. Learn More

Speaker Academy

Secrets To Becoming A Great Speaker

Do you suffer from stage fright and are a bunch of nerves every-time you are speaking of people? There are techniques to help you overcome your fears. Learn More


Podcast Interviews By Joyce Gikunju

Listen to these inspiring stories from real people who have dealt with real life.


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Book Publishing & Marketing

Book Publishing & Marketing

We help aspiring and established authors position and promote their book into a bestseller

Stage Confidence Coaching

Stage Confidence Coaching

Stage confidence coaching/Speaker Academy:

Business leaders, first ladies and serialpreneurs are often looking for a safe space to optimize their stage confidence skills: visual, vocal and verbal impact. We craft solutions to enable leaders lead visibly. We offer much sought-after private coaching as well.

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Sales Mastery

On-Demand Courses

Upon satisfactory completion of the stage confidence Masterclass, sales leaders are trained in sales closing skills, one of the most sought-after skill of our time.


by Joyce Gikunju

Bounce Back And Thriving Book

Bounce Back & Thriving

“Bouncing back & Thriving: - Titans’ secrets to rising, thriving and staying on top of your game”

The book is a collection of real-life experiences of Africa’s titans who reveal the often untold back story… the insurmountable odds that we don’t see and that positioned each one of them for success. Now, they are willing to send the elevator down, because as the old adage goes, “there’s room for more at the top”

The book was written for Millennials in a bid to reveal the truth about success. It takes time.

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