“It is interesting how our comfort zone keeps us from opportunities. My comfort zone was speaking to crowds of people larger than 20. Two months ago I decided to break my 20 people barrier. Enter Joyce and Bounceback Academy. I saw her poster and took the plunge. After completing the course the following were my outcomes:

  1. I have given talk in front of 50 people
  2. My pitching skills are through the roof
  3. I have met my business goal and gotten my first retainer client.

If you want a life that is full of potential from public speaking, then I recommend Bounceback Academy. I am a living testimonial”

Rehaan Mehar

Director, Mehar Images

“When Joyce organized a free talk in February, I took a bold step to attend and listen in. It propelled me to enroll for the Masterclass. It is during this free talk that I learnt that the butterflies’ ones feels, sudden loss of voice, unexplained thirst, name it occur to many people. Joyce delivered the sessions so skillfully online with a lot of ease. At the end of the Masterclass, it was evident from the before and after video recordings that my public speaking skills greatly improved. I highly recommend Bounceback Academy Nairobi to anyone who would like to inspire confidence in themselves”

Michael Ochieng

CEO, ProDrivers Ltd.

“ I found the online course interesting and engaging, well prepared and simple to understand, informative and thought provoking but best of all it assured me a lifetime of guidance for a shortcoming that has been crippling my career.

Thank you Joyce Gikunju for availing this product. I will definitely introduce it to my wider networks.

Grace Mullei

Director, SPUDS