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“To Joyce Gikunju my publisher at Bounceback Books thank you for your intelligent advice, kindness, and patience while explaining the entire publishing process. ”

Elizabeth Ngumi, Author: Partly Baked

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“ I found the online course interesting and engaging, well prepared and simple to understand, informative and thought provoking but best of all it assured me a lifetime of guidance for a shortcoming that has been crippling my career.

Thank you Joyce Gikunju for availing this product. I will definitely introduce it to my wider networks.”

Grace Mullei
Director, SPUDS

“You shared from the heart Joyce, and that resonated very strongly with many who were in the room.

It was spellbinding! 

That’s why I felt that much as I missed the 2nd half of your talk, I targeted to get a copy of your book. 

Keep shining your light, it’s lighting up the darkness for many!”

Mshai Msafari
Business continuity
Customer success

The Bounce Back Academy I met Joyce Gikunju through a mutual friend. She was just launching her book and from my first interaction I found full of positive energy. She has since been my go to entrepreneur whenever there is an opportunity to showcase the women in my network as she epitomizes our ideals.   One of theses qualities is that of abundance. Always ready to share, support and nurture other entrepreneurs”

 Pat Okello, Founder, Kayana Create.

"I bought Joyce Gikunju’s book Bouncing Back and Thriving and when I read it, I felt that it spoke to me on so many levels. Even more importantly, I could identify a number of my friends whose lives could be transformed through the inspirations shared so beautifully in the book. So, I decided to gift two copies to my friend and nephew. My friend had been struggling in business for a while and was at the verge of throwing in the towel. When she read the book, she was able to make a brave decision to cut off a toxic relationship and in two weeks, her business has taken a remarkable turn and the bounce in her step tells me that the book has made an indelible mark. With the impact I have witnessed in my own life and that of my friends through the power of your written word, I will not hesitate to make this my gift of a lifetime to many, many more friends and recommend your book to my networks".
Caroline Kariuki
Founder / CEO, Green Post Enterprises

Joyce Gikunju
Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

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